A Warning for Missouri Home Buyers.

  1. The State of Missouri does not license home inspectors. Anyone wanting to make a few extra bucks part time can call themselves home inspectors. There are No training requirements, No Standards to follow, No Continuing Education requirements, No Insurance. Beware of hiring a “Bob and his rusty truck” for your home inspection.
  2. Check credentials. When interviewing home inspectors, ask about their training and certifications. Ask what standard of practice they follow. Verify they are a member in good standing with a quality home inspectors trade association. This will assure they are meeting minimum training requirements and following accepted Standards of Practice. Beware of inspectors that use the FHA or Rural Development requirements for their inspection guidelines. Click here for an example.  These fall woefully short of the International Association of Certified Home Inspector’s Standards of Practice. Caution should be exercised if you can’t find an inspector’s information doing a Google search.
  3. What reporting method does the inspector use? Most Professional Home Inspectors use the latest technologies including computer generated reports with digital photos highlighting deficiencies. Click here for an example of our reports. Paper reports are considered Archaic and lack quality information a home buyer needs when purchasing a home.
  4. Don’t shop price only. Purchasing a home is a major decision. Selecting someone who has a cheaper price can cost you in the long run. A professional home inspection takes time. Ask how much time is dedicated to a home inspection. Going cheap could end up costing you.
  5. I am Bill Penn, Owner / Inspector of Integrity Home Inspection. I have over 30 years experience in the building trades. As a Professional home inspector, I am licensed in the state of IL and a member of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. I far exceed all required  continuing education. Our reports are computer generated, with digital photos and (video if needed). I do not work for the bank or for the realtor, I work for you. Inspecting homes is a full time business. I do not perform repairs or do construction work. That said, you will receive an unbiased report. A report with Integrity.
    Additionally, I am certified to perform Radon testing, Mold testing and am licensed in the State of Missouri to perform Termite Inspections. We can take care of your inspection needs with one call. Schedule your next inspection here.